ARK: Survival Evolved – My Dino’s are dead!

Shit. Shit. Shit… They are dead. They are all dead.

Well, I had four dino’s for a while at least. I was playing the game very conservatively and not taking many challenges on venturing out into the wild. Until today that is!

I took a little journey today into the woods. Bad idea! I was attacked by a Level 7 Alpha Raptor and the damn thing killed all four of my Dino’s and of course me!

So here is a little look back at the good times I had with: Daisy the Stego, Steve French the Trike, Shitrock the Phiomia and Gary Laser Eyes the Dilo.





RIP…. A moment of silence please……..

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ARK: Survival Evolved – My first Dino!

Well, I am giving the Local Game a try for now to learn the ropes. I was playing on one of the servers and every time i went back in i was killed, stripped of all my supplies and my hut destroyed. So, a local game will keep the raiders away while i learn the game. sons of bitches!


A level 8 Triceratops. My first kill. It took an hour to Tame him. I had to fight off two predators while he was unconscious while i was taming him.

2015-07-23_00001 (2)

He is guarding my hut. His name is Steve French.


Check out the Dino Poop!!!


I don’t have a saddle at the moment. i need to get up a couple levels to unlock it. but for now he just follows me around and kills things for me. i love him!

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ARK: Survival Evolved – Dino-Mite!

It’s a really cool game. buy it now. It’s “early access” still but loaded with cool shit. And you get to tame and ride Dino’s

I had a little help from a Level 65 guy on the server and he gave me a lot of supplies and cool stuff that a level 11 usually doesn’t have. Sweet.


Here is my Hut. Time to expand!


8675309 Dino Ave. Oh Yeah!


Here is the Dino that the Level 65 guy had. I thought the thing was going to eat the shit outta me but he was cool.


Get this game, it’s awesome.

Oh yeah, check this shit out also,

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GTA5: Livin The Life

Just checking out the sights and sounds of the city…


Check out my new bike! It’s a sweet ass cruiser. The chicks love it.


Who the hell is Alphonse?


i stopped by here for a sandwich. Pretty good. Nice and juicy… and smooth.


Umm, I’ll take the latest copy of Lady Garden please.

What Else? Oh yeah:

  • I can’t ever get enough of Renne Olstead, so here are some more!
  • Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Keep em comin!
  • Ashley Tisdale. Yes Please.
  • Kendall just keeps getting better and better!
  • Some more Misc Celeb photos. Worth a look. Plus a couple of the hot little blond on Dancing with the Stars.\

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GTA5: Pile up on the Interstate!

There was a 100 car pile up on the Interstate this evening. You might want to stay away from the area around the Military Base. Not sure what happened.




Ah, some cops got in the way. Sorry!


Let’s get out of here, but first let me take a selfie…


Pibwasswer Selfie…

While you are here. take a look at this shit…

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